PACCC Mission & Vision

Our Vision

A community where children thrive, educators are valued and families are supported.

Our Mission

As a community leader in Palo Alto, PACCC partners with families and regional agencies to provide and advocate for exceptional and accessible childhood care and education.


Relationships by fostering care, compassion, and respect for all people.

Life-long learning by providing opportunities for reflective practice and experiences that promote personal growth.

Leadership in education by recognizing that educators are our greatest asset and setting high standards for salaries and benefits; and through professional development, collaboration and advocacy.

Community by creating a sense of belonging within PACCC and cultivating relationships with the broader community.

Wellness by promoting and providing opportunities for healthy lifestyle practices.

Anti-Bias Statement

Palo Alto Community Child Care is committed to cultivating an inclusive environment where all people belong and are valued, respected and supported. PACCC values equality, respect and integrity in all areas of our corporation, and celebrates diversity among our children, families and employees. We are proud to be a reflection of the diverse community we serve.